calendarThere were a number of major changes to migration related matters which occurred on 1 July 2015. Two of the most significant were:


As part of the amalgamation of the Department of Customs and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which came into effect on 1 July. Amongst other things, this means that the DIBP has a new website: (which will replace the old site which has been around for as long as I can remember)


The amalgamation of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Social Security Appeals Tribunal and the Migration Review Tribunal Refugee Review Tribunal was merged into a single body, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.The amalgamated Tribunal promotes accessibility of review by simplifying the merits review system and providing a single point of contact for Tribunal users. Key services of each of the amalgamated tribunals will be retained, while allowing for greater sharing and utilisation of members’ specialist expertise. See the press release for more information. 

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