hopscotchDIBP has recently had blitz on “course hopping” by students that has resulted in about 1000 notices (considering cancellation) and
around 750 actual cancellations.

If you get one of these notices or are cancelled you are welcome to contact me and I will see if there is anyway to challenge the decision.

The things that will put on DIBP’s radar will be:

  • Higher Education Sector visa (subclass 573) holders granted their visas under the streamlined visa processing provisions (requiring less scrutiny) who, shortly after arrival in Australia, then applied for and were refused Vocational Education and Training Sector visas (subclass 572) (non-streamlined visa processing that requires more scrutiny);
  • Student visa holders who have not acted on advice from the department to abide by the requirements of their Student visas;
  • Student visa holders who, upon arrival in Australia, have changed to a course of study that has no correlation to the course of study for which their Student visa was granted. For example, a Student visa holder intends to study for a Bachelor of Engineering, and then changes to a cookery course of study.
  • Student course hoppers who have an adverse immigration history.

I acknowledge the assistance of the MIA in providing this information as a service to its members.

Creative commons acknowledgement for the photograph.


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