Earlier visas will be superseded by the grant of subsequent visas under s82 Migration Act. Consider the following chronology (no, not my client):

Date Event
15/12/2014 ETA granted – which would expire on 15/12/2015
18/12/2014 Applicant enters Australia on ETA
24/2/2015 Applies onshore for 600 visitor visa in tourist stream – this is within the 3 months stay permitted by the ETA
26/2/2015 Visitor visa granted (and would cease on 19 June 2015)
18/6/2015 Applicant leaves Australia
19/6/2015 (yes the next day – with only hours left on his visa) Applicant re-enters Australia
26/8/2015 Applicant applies for student visa onshore

The 2015 student visa application was refused because the applicant didn’t hold any of the relevant visas listed in 572.211(2) (or any visa at all).

The argument that made it all the way to a Full Court was about when his visa “ceased to be in effect” (s82(2)). The Applicant drew an analogy with Lesi v Minister for Immigration [2003] FCAFC 285 and argued that his ETA was somehow “reactivated” on the lapsing of his visitor visa.

Mr Lesi was a permanent resident until his deportation (so, under 82(4) his visa ceased to be in effect). However, when the deportation order was set aside its operation was spent (i.e. it had no effect on the visa held by the person at the time). In those circumstances Mr Lesi’s permanent residence was revived.

superseded modelUnfortunately for the Applicant in Oraha v Minister for Immigration [2023] FCAFC 21, Lesi had no applicationto the facts of his case and his: “construction of s82(2) of the Act cannot be accepted. Section 77 of the Act, read with the definition of “visa period” in s5, makes plain that, firstly, there is a visa period and, secondly, the visa period has a beginning and an end. This does not envisage that there are, or can be, multiple “beginnings” and multiple “endings”, or that, once the visa period ends, the visa can, somehow, be revived. Section 77 also makes plain that, once the visa period ends, the non-citizen is no longer the holder of that visa. In our respectful view, nothing could be clearer.

How many times over the years have I advised clients to withdraw redundant applications? It can be very important.

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